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Clinical Studies

Worldwide, Condensyl and Procrelia are the first and currently the only nutritional supports that are statistically superior to no treatment in improving pregnancy rates in couples resistant to practices of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) in which there was a component of male infertility.

Male infertility

In published clinical studies the most difficult cases were considered, i.e. men with high level of sperm DNA fragmentation or decondensation of the sperm nucleus, both predictive of impaired fertility, and being part of couples with a history of at least two ART failures. Treatment with Condensyl significantly reduced both indices and pregnancy was obtained from patients who reported such improvements. The number and the percentage of pregnancies obtained were statistically superior to those obtained in the untreated controls and such as to be perhaps better than pregnancy rates expected in couples not carrying the serious risk factors included in the studies.

55% of pregnancies with term delivery occurred spontaneously, i.e. before the couple had time to undergo the planned new ART cycle (Dattilo et a. 2014).

Female infertility

Clinical studies carried out so far mainly investigated male infertility because it is the model in which it is easier to see and measure any effects. Given the similarity of the issue, we expect a similar effectiveness on pregnancy rates also in female infertility. The results already achieved with Procrelia (Cornet et al. 2015) confirm these expectations.

Among couples with a female problem/treatment as many as 67% of pregnancies occurred spontaneously (Cornet et al 2015)

All the clinical studies

Treatment for High Levels of Sperm DNA Fragmentation and Nuclear De condensation: Sequential Treatment with a Potent Antioxidant Followed by Stimulation of the 1-Carbon Cycle vs 1-Carbon Cycle Back-up Alone.

Authors: Edouard Amar, Dominique Cornet, Marc Cohen and Yves Ménézo.

The importance of the one-carbon cycle nutritional support in human male fertility: a preliminary clinical report.

Authors: Maurizio Dattilo, Dominique Cornet, Edouard Amar, Marc Cohen and Yves Menezo.

Clinical Evidence for the Importance of 1-Carbon Cycle Support in Subfertile Couples.

Authors: Dominique Cornet, Edouard Amar, Marc Cohen and Yves Ménézo.